what first name goes great with Jayne as the middle name?

OK I am having a little girl in march and trying to find a first name to go with the middle name Jayne I would much appreciate any suggestions we are not agreeing on any names he likes name's like Kim or Kate and MY other three kids have very unusual names I need a unique but old time feel name PLESE HELP....


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    1 decade ago
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    Thora Jayne, Valley Jayne, Nola Jayne, Nolie Jayne, Sophia Jayne, Sophie Jayne, Audra Jayne, Audrey Jayne, Clara Jayne, Sadie Jayne, Kadie Jayne, Terra Jayne, Matilda Jayne, Aurora Jayne, Annika Jayne, Bethany Jayne, Bianca Jayne, Callie Jayne, Clarissa Jayne, Darla Jayne, Elena Jayne, Fiona Jayne, Harmony Jayne, Harper Jayne, Heidi Jayne, Helena Jayne, Ivy Jayne, Keeley Jayne, Kendra Jayne, Kori Jayne, Krista Jayne, Kyra Jayne, Larissa Jayne, Layla Jayne, Liana Jayne, Lyla Jayne, Lana Jayne, Mara Jayne, Naomi Jayne, Nora Jayne, Raya Jayne, Sadie Jayne, Shauna Jayne, Tallie Jayne, Taya Jayne, Yolanda Jayne, Zora Jayne, Maia Jayne, Sophia Jayne, Sophie Jayne, Amelia Jayne, Nola Jayne, Lorana Jayne

  • Meg
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    1 decade ago

    Kylie Jayne

    Charlotte Jayne

    Pamela Jayne

    Cassidy Jayne

    Olivia Jayne

    Gabriella Jayne

    Isabelle Jayne

  • Ari
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    1 decade ago

    Olivia Jayne

    Anabelle Jayne

    Violet Jayne

    Luella Jayne

    Alexandra Jayne

    Penelope Jayne

    Clea (Clay-uh) Jayne

    Lilah Jayne

    Isabella Jayne

    Audrey Jayne

    Bridget Jayne

    Ariana Jayne

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    1 decade ago

    Elizabeth Jayne, Rebekah Jayne,Kimberely Jayne,Katherine Jayne,Margaret Jayne,Alessandra Jayne,Melody Jayne,Lucinda Jayne,Shavianita Jayne,Mellany Jayne,Alayna Jayne, Darla Jayne, Khrystyna Jayne,Mariah Jayne, Tamara Jayne, Theresa Jayne,Natasha Jayne,Savannah Jayne,Shayenna Jayne,Pamela Jayne, hope these helped!

    Source(s): thoughts from granny 5
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Abigail Jayne

  • 1 decade ago

    Jayne Marie

  • 1 decade ago

    Emily Jayne

  • 1 decade ago

    i know someone named Rachel Jayne

    Aurora Jayne

    Adeline Jayne (ad a lyn)

    Ada Jayne

    Bonnie Jayne

    Sareya Jayne

    Juniper Jayne

    Arabella Jayne

    Thora Jayne

    Thalia Jayne

  • 1 decade ago

    Oh my gosh!

    One of my favorite names is Kennedy Jayne.


    Ha ha


    Maliah Jayne

    Eliza Jayne

    Leighton Jayne

    Waverly Jayne

  • 1 decade ago

    Trying babynamegenie.com you type in the middle name and it will give you first name suggestions. Its really cool. I am with you on the unique names. Good Luck!!

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