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my friend has lts of litle white bumps on her vaginal lips.?

she says they ont hurt, sometimes they discharge, and there r lots of them all not sure ifthisis norml or if it is an std butsh says she only had sex with on guy, so she says std is not an option...what could these bumps be? they r on the inside of her lips when she spreads them......please help, i dont know what to tell her

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    Std's can be passed through oral sex. As well as it only takes one guy to be infected to give her an STD. Trust me, you can't ever be sure of what a person has or doesn't have.

    She has an std, most likely has herpes, something that is very contagious and cannot be cured. She needs to go to the doctor immediately.

    If you have sex of any kind, you can get an STD.

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    Go to the Doctor. If they are what I am thinking they's normal.

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