Parking ticket on a college campus i Don't go to? Should i pay?

please don't answer if your not sure. Would they really report it to the DMV or like a collections agency or anything like that?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well I can only speak from my personal experience, I was moving out after I left school, and on my last day there I got a parking ticket. I thought, I was never going to be back there again and if I ever needed to I was getting a new car, so I never paid it. That was a year ago in December and I didn't even get a letter or anything.

    My sister also got one the same day (apparently we can't read signs!) and she called campus security and lied and said someone told us she could park there and the guy told her to literally rip up the ticket and forget about it. I realize that was being lucky, but hey it might work for you! Good luck.

  • If they recorded you license plate number then they can track you. If not then what can they do? My boyfriend always tells me "What can they do.. how your grades?" I never risk it though. If it isn't expensive I would pay it to be safe.

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