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WTC--How long to leave?

From the time you go to MEPS, how long until you can leave? I go to MEPS on next Thursday, and there is a class that starts the following Monday. Should I be able to get into this class? Or will that not be enough time for paperwork, etc? Thanks...


Also, The Air Guard signed my conditional release. Do they do my outprocessing or will I have to report back to the base and do that myself?

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    I'm fairly certain it's a minimum of a week. It all depends on the job you chose, availability of open spots and your availability. I had to wait 2 1/2 months to ship, some people left a week after going to MEPS to sign. You can ask for a quick ship, or you can tell them you can't leave for 6 months. But it's all based on their availability dates. The chances of getting into a class on the next Monday are, well, none. You have a week from the day you ship out of 'Reception' in the military before you actually start your training . This is the time you do paperwork, have shots, get uniforms, blah, blah, blah.

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    My husband went ot MEPS on a Thursday and shipped out to basic on the next tuesday. It really depends on if the class if full. They can always push your paperwork through faster.

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