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I have super puny asian lashes. What drugstore mascara is for me?

My lashes, no joke, are about 3 millimeters long. less than one centimeter, only a bit longer than half a cm. I'm looking for a really good HG drugstore mascara. I'm not sure if LashBlast is for me, because I've heard the monster brush can make it hell to reach the corner lashes. I have a crush on Rimmel Glam'eyes, but I'm not sure if its volumizing enough.

**BASICALLY, I'm looking for a volumizing, lengthening mascara, and if it holds a curl great, that's a plus.

=) thanks ahead of time <3


edit: alright, you guys, listen.

I asked for a DRUGSTORE MASCARA. I know I can get false lashes, and they'll probably work well too. But I'm looking for a mascara. =) thxx

and katieo? what the hell you talking about?

Update 2:

also...sorry to be demanding...but could you be specific? Like...say why it makes it better, or the price, or and example of how it works?


Update 3:

^^''' thank you, TMBC, for clearing that up about Katieo. Sorry, Katieo!

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    I have VERY short lashes as well, it's quite frustrating. I use Great Lash by Maybelline. WATERPROOF. Not the green & pink, but the black & pink. I can just put this on and it magically seems like my lashes are longer and fuller. It's also long lasting.

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    5 years ago

    Im suprised you didnt like the Great Lash mascara , i loveeee it ! but you should try a mascara by Hard Candy or Lash Blast by Covergirl ; i LOVE it. You seem to be pretty piicky , you wont find anything PERFECT.

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    You should try wearing fake lashes girl!! You can get them cheap and they look soo pretty and if you get the shorter less dramatic kind they look really real.... u no what i just saw that u wrote u dont wanna hear about false lashes !!!!!!!!! lmaoooooo, but um i would def say USE A EYE LASH CURLER you can get one cheap for about 5 bucks, curl them for about 20 seconds than apply 2-3 coats of mascara try GREAT LASH (The green and pink) the kind with the curled applier not the straight one.. thats about 5 dollars id say and if u want to spend more than MAC CLINQUE AND ESTEE LAUNDER Have some AMAZING ones!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    I'm using NYX's Doll Lash Lengthening mascara, and I love it. It makes my eye lashes so long!!!

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    I have smaller eye lashes also and I have found that cover girl lash exact works very well and it doesnt clump either if you dont put too much on:]

    good luck!


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    Heyyy me tooo :D GO AZN! hahaha. Anything volumizing by Covergirl really, haha. Best wishes, x

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    It's not in drug stores but Too Faced: Lash Injection is great

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    1 decade ago

    Katieo is talking about a mascara. its form sephora i think. benefit bad gal.

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    avon supershock.

    then curling them with a curler would also be good.

    the mascara brush is big so it makes them huge!

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    i've got 4 words for ya:


    it works wonders

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