Hypocrisy examples?!?

I have a literature project where i have to make a poster board of things that are hypocritical in society. I have to print out pictures of the things that are hypocritical in society , but I can't think of anything hypocritical. Do you have any suggestions!?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    -The fact that minorities claim to be unequal even though they have the benefit of affirmative action working for them.

    -Elliot Spitzer being arrested for constantly seeing prostitutes despite the fact that he wanted to do away with prostitution.

    -Spain thinks that boxing is too violent, but they love bullfighting, where either the matador or the bull is killed every single time.

    -After being bailed out, AIG immediately spends the money used to save them on expensive vacations that they don't need.

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