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What is the college I should go to, in Illinois?

So I've decided I wanted to become a pharmacist. I do get good grades, am in all honors classes, do orchestra, student council, and track.

Am I hoping too high? Should I try to aim lower? I really do not know if this is a good job. Do I have to enroll in a university such as Princeton, Yale, Stanford, etc.?

Please help me out.

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    Ilinois- Urbana Champaign is a great school. Another great school is the U of Chicago. Northwestern is also very good.

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    U of I

    UIC is an average school but has a direct program, its tough to get into...but great with pharmacy.

    Loyola is average..

    The best pharmacy school around in the midwest is Saint Louis College Of Pharmacy...its tough, but its a direct program so you wont have to keep transferring in and out.

    Source(s): my brother is in his fourth year of pharmacy school at STLCOP, and im from IL..
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