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What really happens during a pelvic exam?

I'm going to be having one for the first time and I'm not really sure what happens exactly. I've read what usually happens but I just want to be sure. Who is allowed to be in the room with you and the doctor during the exam? Is anyone even allowed in the room besides myself and the doctor? Are there certain rules about who is allowed to be in the room with us? I know that I'd have to relax my muscles in that area but sometimes I can't no matter what. Even during sex, I can't relax. I also have pains during sex so would that be a good thing to talk to the doctor before or during the exam? What can be causing these pains during sex?

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    I had a pelvic exam and pap test today. i hadn't had one in 7 years and i was scared. It was over so fast. This is exactly what happened:

    I went into the exam room and the nurse took my blood pressure and asked me some questions and wrote things down for the doctor. then she gave me a gown and a sheet, and told me to get completely undressed and wear the gown open in the front and i could cover my bottom half with the sheet. i did this and sat on the exam table and held the gown closed with my hand and the doctor knocked on the door and i told him i was ready for him to come in. he introduced himself and asked me some questions like "are you sexually active?" and "do you have any pains?". this is the time when you would tell him about any issues you have.

    the doctor then called for the nurse and told her he was ready. the nurse came in and stood to the side. i had to lay back on the table and put my feet in stirrups. the doctor then did a breast exam (this lasted maybe one and a half minutes) after he was done, i could close up the top of the gown. then the nurse handed him a speculum (kind of like plastic tongs that are used to open your vagina). he used some KY jelly to lubricate it and told me i would feel pressure. it really wasn't bad at all. he then used a cotton swab on my cervix for the pap test. this feels weird, but it's not really painful. kind of like a rough rubbing deep inside your vagina. after he did the pap test, he inserted a lubricated finger into my vagina to feel for any abnormalities. it was in and out very fast. the whole time he spent between my legs was less than five minutes. it can be hard to relax, but i find if i just stare at the ceiling during all of this, i feel much more comfortable.

    To answer your question about who is allowed in the room with you, it should be you, the doctor, and one nurse. the doctor needs the nurse to hand him the equipment and take the pap test sample. technically the doctor could do it on his own, but the exam goes so much faster if a nurse is there helping him. also, especially if you doctor is male, it's best that the nurse is there to 'observe' as a witness in case the patient claims something inappropriate happened. if anyone else wants to be in the room (like a medical student or an additional nurse) you have a right as a patient to tell the doctor to tell them to leave.

    I don't know what is causing your pain during sex. the doctor will be able to tell you. but if you can't relax during sex, try more foreplay or romance before sex.

    i hope this helped... just go to the doctor and tell him your problems... you'll feel better after you get it over with. i'm sure you'll be fine.

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    When you see the doctor, he will ask you about your medical and sexual history, whether your periods are regular, and if you use any form of birth control. Talk to him about any pain or other issues that you might have. If the doctor is male and you're uncomfortable with being in the exam room with him alone, you can ask for the secretary or a nurse to be present.

    During the exam he will palpate your abdomen to find out if the organs are all in the right place. Then he will use a speculum (metal or plastic) to open the walls of the vagina so that he can get a smear of tissue from the cervix. This is put on a slide and sent to a lab to be tested for infections. The exam can be uncomfortable but only lasts a few minutes.

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    Pelvic Exam: Typically they'll start by using some lubricant and inserting a tool that looks like a duckbill (called a speculum). They clamp this open so that your pelvic area is more accessible. They'll "scrape" the inside of your cervix with something that looks like a long q-tip or a bottle brush. This doesn't hurt for most women, but it can cramp you up a bit, and is by no means comfortable. After this, they usually remove the speculum, and the doctor will often do a manual exam, pressing both on the inside (often with two fingers), as well as on the outside of your abdomen. This is to feel around for the ovaries, etc. As for the breast exam, it's no different than what a self exam would be. The doctor checks the breast for any unusual lumps and density. They'll take note of anything that might feel a bit unusual, and good doctors will take the time to point out any irregularities out to you(example, I have a particularly dense area near my right armpit, my doctor pointed this out to me so that I wouldn't be alarmed during a self exam, as it's just the tendon/tissue).

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    its your first time so the doctor well take you to there office and ask questions so just tell her bout the pains and i say anyone you want cuss my sister in law was in there with me so i thank any one can really

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