Should i feed my 6 month old a bottle right after feeding her baby food?

I know that my baby will need formula/breast milk up until she is at least 1yr. But I was wondering how I should spread out the feedings between formula and between baby food. Should I give her less milk when I feed her baby food....

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    I feed solid food w/ a sippy cup of water. I found my son eats more food if I give him some water in between bites. This question also depends on your baby. When I first started my son on solids he didn't want much became frustrated and wanted his bottle. But now he will eat his solids have some water and then in about 2 hours or more want a bottle. I would give water around the times you feed solid. It helps with digestion. ( my son is starting to get the hang of a sippy cup. I think he at first just like the cool water in his mouth) .Good luck!

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    While she is till 6 months old up until around 9 months old, feed her milk first, whatever her normal amount is. Top her up with food. From 9 months you can start to give her food first then top her up with milk. By 9 months though, she'll probably be wanting to feed herself so you'll have to start finding some finger foods, grated apple, grated cheese, that sort of stuff. At 6 mos, start with one food only for about a week then move to another again for a week at a time to eliminate any possible allergies. Remember to give cool boiled water too as this will help with any possible constipation problems that may arise when solids are introduced. You could add a capful of prune juice to her diet too to eliminate it all together. Prune juice is the ONLY juice that can be added to formula or milk and WILL NOT curdle. You have some fun times ahead of you and some wonderful memories just waiting to happen. All the very best and enjoy the experience.

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    Aside from 6 month advice solid food advice everyone has given you, you have to remember that babies sleeping patterns change throughout the first couple of years. Just because he used to sleep through the night without a feed doesn't mean that it will continue that way for forever. All babies go through growth spurts, there is a very large one around 6 months - my daughter is still in the middle of this spurt - she has been waking more often to eat for the past few weeks (she is 6 months old). Previously she had "slept through the night". Now she will wake anywhere from 2-6 times a night and eats the majority of them. Has his formula intake gone down during the day? I know Elyse goes through periods where eating in the daytime isn't very interesting - would rather play during the day and eat at night. Your babies formula has more calories than any solid food, up his formula amount and wait on the solids, in my opinion.

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    My son would get his normal bottle in the mornings around 7am, then around 9 he would get baby food, around 12 he was ready for another bottle, at 2pm he got baby food, and then after that I fed him bottles as normal. Now that he is 8 months old it is about the same routine except he eats three meals of solids a day now. I would just feed her the same amount of milk in her bottles as she has been getting. You may find that you feed her bottles less often, but she may still want the same amount in the bottle.

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    I feed my son solids between milk meals. For example he will nurse at 12pm, solids at 1-1:30pm. There is no right way to do it. If you have a baby that will eat a ton of solids you might want to start with some milk then finish with solids. If you have a baby that doesn't really care for solids you might have better luck if you start with solids then give half a bottle after. If I feed my son solids when he is starving I still nurse him after solids but he doesn't normally nurse for long.

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    It depends.. I had to feed my daughter formula after solids or she wouldnt be hungry!! She's quite tiny so I wanted to make sure she ate solids as well and she would always be hungry for a bottle ;)

    But if he's starting out with solids, I'll say solids first, they're tougher for her to like.. new textures, new tastes, but if she's actually hungy she might eat some more! And maybe after she had her lunch you can wait a bit and then give her a bottle.

    My son I dont remember anymore!! LOL but he was very good eater!

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    I fed baby food first while they were still nice and hungry. Then, I would give a bottle w/ formula directly after. I gradually reduced the amount of formula as the amount of food they would eat increased.

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    Feed her milk first, then food. The milk won't stick to her stomach long, so she'll probably have a full bottle and then be ready for food shortly there after.

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  • My daughter is 6 months old today and this is how we spread her bottles and solids through out the day

    7-8am: 6oz bottle

    10-10:30am: Applesauce/Bartlett Pears, Peaches, or Bananas + diluted apple juice

    12pm: 6oz bottle

    3-3:30pm: 6oz bottle

    5-5:30pm: 6oz bottle

    6:30: carrotts/peas/green beans/sweet potatoes + diluted apple juice

    7:00: 6 oz bottle

    8-9pm: 6oz bottle

  • give her a little, see how much she will take. I always allow my 6 month old Belle to nurse a little once she has eaten her food.

    I guess I would only make her a half a bottle so that there isn't as much waste, if she wants more after that you can make another small amount

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