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can someone help me with physics?

Heres the question: During a "space walk", the tether connecting an astronaut to the space capsule breaks. Using a gas pistol, the astronaut manages to get back to the capsule. Explain.

Please help me I really don't understand, Thank you if you help

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    I guess this "gas pistol" is something that can produce a force against the user's hand by venting high-pressure gas in a certain direction. So the astronaut can use that to push himself back to the space capsule. It would be kind of tough, because he'd need to be able to see where the capsule was while using the pistol. But he could face away from the capsule (by extending his arm, turning the pistol 90 degrees to his arm, and giving it a blast, in order to turn himself around), and then use the pistol to build up some velocity. Then he'd need to turn back around and check his progress, turn back around to use the pistol, etc. He'd better have plenty of gas in that pistol, because it would probably take several tries to arrive at the capsule.

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