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How does John Steinbeck portray women in "The Pearl" ?


I have finished the book . So please go ahead and say everything.

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    There are numerous free on line resources that can help you with your study of The Pearl, most of which analyze the story, discuss themes, quotes and symbolism and other literary devices, and give character sketches. Here are a few of the free ones.

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    It really depends how you look at it. On the one hand, he portrays them as weaker and quieter and always standing by their man. He also portrays men as being very crazy and doing things that make no sense while the woman actually does the wiser thing but is quiet.

    The scorpion scene- He kills it after it stings the baby. Juana is busy trying to suck out the poison.

    Juana knows the pearl will bring evil and when she tries to get rid of it Kino hits her. He turns from man to animal to machine when after the baby dies, Kino still kills all the men.

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    Well it depends on where in the book you (I am [kinda] reading it too. I say kinda because I haven't been reading it recently but we discuss it so I know what's going on.) I think he portrays them (or at least Juana) as quieter and go along with whatever the man of the house (in this case, Kino) says. I don't know if this is for ALL the women but Juana is really good at healing and does magic. To me he portrays them as caring but quiet and cooperative, motherly (not just to the kids but to Kino as well because she takes care of him.)

    He also portrays them (well at least he describes Juana this way but whatever, however he describes Juana is now how he describes all the women) as a sheep before a butcher before Kino. They are timid and they accept that the man of the house is in control and they help them. They are understanding of men and their behavior. Like when Juana says(thinks?) after he beats her that men are half-god and half-insane and that they must do what they need to do. And rather than being angry after he basically attacks her she is gentle with him (after he gets attacked) and tells him that they need to leave. She gives him the pearl back even though she thinks it is evil because it is what he wants and as the women she needs to give it to him. I think that the women are also more mature and logical. They aren't as obsessed with the material things. Like when everybody was plotting and thinking of ways they would use the pearl at the beginning I am pretty sure that they were all men who were plotting. The women were mainly sticking to the gossiping. And Juana realizes that the pearl is evil and is causing Kino to be greedy and do bad things but Kino is too obsessed with it now and all that he could buy. Before he said his family makes him whole but when he was lying on the ground he was saying that all was lost and that he lost his soul. I think that John Steinbeck kind of shows them as something that balances the man out.

    Oh and if ANYBODY could PLEASE help me with my question I will be so grateful (sorry to use your question as a place to put mine! I just really need help!);_ylt=AqCpj...

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    The get shot in the head like the baby

    Source(s): Mr. Woody!!!!!!
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