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Is it okay to shave my vagina hair?

will it not smell as bad

how should do it

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    For the first time, you should trim it down with little scissors. Make sure that you do it at the end of a shower so you don't get bumps. The key is to SHAVE IN THE DIRECTION THE HAIR GROWS. I don't know if it will smell better or not but it probably will.

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    yes im assuming it will smell better.

    but if it doesnt, there could be a possibility you have an infection?

    but you probably don't unless the oder is extreme.

    anyways, its ok to shave.

    shaving sometimes leaves razor burn though.

    take the advise of doing it closer to the end of your shower; im not sure if it helps but its worth a try.

    also, if you do happen to get razor burn, try putting some neosporin and coco butter creme on it after.

    you cant shave every day it will get irritated.

    hope i helped:]

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    What kind of question is this? and how old are u? thats up to you if u wanna shave your pubic hair off? I don't know why u have an odor just because u have pubic hair, maybe u should try washing up a little better.

  • 1 decade ago

    what do you mean smell as bad???

    anyway... you can use a regular shave but shave in the direction or where the hair grows because if you don't it'll get irritated....

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  • 1 decade ago

    sure is i do it all da time

  • Johnny
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    1 decade ago

    Not sure how, but it is o.k.

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