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What is this thing called??? It's driving me crazy!?

I remember seeing these kids toys about a year ago on the internet... it was like a spandex/polyester bag for kids to get in and walk around in... it was supposed to heighten their senses or some bullshit?

All I know is, they looked absolutely hilarious... the kids looked like human bean bags... it's going to bother me if I don't think of it...


I think the name had the word "sock" in it... I could be wrong..

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    Hahahahah!! Oh man, my little cousin had one of these for shits & giggles! but this is all i could find....


  • 5 years ago

    It's an intravenous drip (often known just as a 'drip' or 'I.V'). (post edited, I remembered as soon as I answered)

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