ttttwwwiiilllightttt meeting them?

twilight is having a autograph and im going but my only problem is that we need to by the shirt and it opens at 7am and its a 40 min drive my parents said that they would take me and everything but they have work that day and they go in At 5 am so im like can we find a solution. My dad the manager of the place and my mom works with him so she can leave early and stuff only if the supervisor doesn't come in that day so what can i do i MUST C them so no one tell me that it wont make a big deal please just try to help me we go 6 more days b4 the event

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    1 decade ago
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    If you clarify your question by asking it simply such as "How can I get from ?? to ?? at ??? (time) on ?? (date), and post it in a better category, such as the Travel category for that area, possibly someone will have ideas.

    Also, consider asking neighbors, friends, and other family members for help. They will be more likely to have ideas that will work for you than people here.

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