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how often do opposites signs work out? (zodiacs)?

per se,




and so on..


i am a taurus, and i have cancer venus...

i have never been attracted to capricorns either!!

Update 2:

yeah i am =) we have our ups and downs! just wonderin is all

my friends parents are married scorp and taurus, they work out heaps good but it mite hav to do with their venus's

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    I'm with my opposite (scorpio) and we are doing great!! His venus is in Scorpio and mine's in Cancer.

    HOT COMBO!!!

    Source(s): Taurus
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    Not often, I'm a Cancer, I have never been attracted to Capricorns... However, I've encountered several opposite sign matches in real life.. But overall, not often at all.

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    I am sorry to say that it doesn't work atleast for Leo and Aqua(somehow it works for Gem and Sag though).Aquas are extremely intelligent and Leos are extremely dumb.Aquas will blame Leo for their incompetency and Leo will think Aquas are disparaging Its a horrible match.

    Aquarius here

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    Oh hon, them opposite sign, umm, do work out but you have to roll them dice first. Then, if you get 7 or 11, you have a good darn match. LOL

    Umm, sheeet, there is always the to go ahead, and once engaged hon, you roll the dice after.

    and so on

    Source(s): Aquarius - love las vegas style wedding LOL -
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    i no i have never liked the opposite really

    im cancer and always go for scorpio, pisces

    but my friends are going out and there opposites i think there going to get married

    you just really need balance

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    The only man who has ever made me weak in the knees was my polar opposite.

    Source(s): Leo
  • You might not want to read this but many ooposite sign couples ive seen havent really worked out **cept for leo aquarius which is usually successful my bro and sis in law.......ur wit a scorpio right?

    Source(s): Virgin
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    im not sure, but as a cancer i have never been drawn to a capricorn.

    but my grandma and gramps (cancer/cap) worked out great!

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