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sometimes i have trouble getting all my pee out?

what is this, why is it doing this to me, if i go to the doctor will he want me to get naked(cause Im kinda nervous)


ps it also hurts when i cant get it out and sometimes when im peeing,then when im done i have a uncomfortable feeling in my private area

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    It sounds like you have a Urinary Tract Infection. Try drinking lots of water, or cranberry juice (Lay off the soda). If your symptoms do not get better you will need to see a doc for a round of antibiotics. If you are not having any discharge from your penis then it is very unlikely you will have to get naked. You will however need to give them a urine sample so try and save em some!

    Source(s): Working in Urgent Care Clinic for past 5 years.
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    Most men develop what's called BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy), an enlargement of the prostate gland. This gland wraps around the urethra, so when it enlarges, you can't empty your bladder properly.

    You should see a doctor, because this condition is likely to worsen over time and can cause terrible urinary tract infections, in addition to the discomfort it's already causing you. If the flow of urine is entirely cut off, the urine will back up into your kidneys and damage them, perhaps permanently. Medication is available to treat this.

    Being nervous is no excuse to neglect your health. The other condition that could cause your problem is prostate cancer, which is extremely treatable when it's caught early. Nobody should ever die from prostate cancer, but many men do because they're too nervous to get it checked out. So many men would rather die than to go to the doctor. That's sad and kind of stupid.

    If nothing else, you should have a blood test done to check your PSA level (prostatic specific antigen). If this is high, you may have prostate cancer.

    Please don't risk your health and life because you're nervous about a 10 second exam. I guarantee your doctor is a professional who won't think you're gay because you need an exam.

    Women submit themselves to really degrading and uncomfortable pelvic exams, ideally on a yearly basis, starting when we're young. The prostate exam you need is less awful than the most basic woman's pelvic exam.

    The alternative is to live with increasing discomfort and possibly die of a treatable disease. Only you can decide what to do here.

    Source(s): I'm an RN
  • How old are you? If you are an adult over 30, you should see your doctor. You may have an enlarged prostate gland.

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    when you pee , you need to pinch your ding dong right in front of your balls. then let it go. and pee. hold it. then pee. then hold it. and let the pressure build up. and then pee. shake it. and shake it. slip back into the pants zip up and go out in to the party. you shouldnt have any drips.

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    you need to go to an urologist and get checked out he may do ultrasound on you after you relieve your bladder to see how much you are holding,sometimes they go in to flush out your bladder and stretch it and place medicine inside.

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    maybe something is wrong with you thing you just need it to be checked out. you will probably get some med to help you, you know to be easier

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    Go to the doctor! you probably have a urinary infection

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