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What causes swollen lymph nodes, fatigue and chest pain?

hi im a fifteen year old female. I found a swollen lymph node on my neck a couple months ago. i went to the doctor and he said to come back if anything else happened. Well, about 2 weeks later a few more on the same side of my neck popped up, then a few more popped up in my groin. the one on my neck, along with the new ones were now hard. About a week ago i noticed a swollen lymph node behind my ear that is very irregularly shaped. Along the time this one popped up, i was extremely tired and have had trouble staying awake. So i wet back to the dr. and he seemed concerned and sent me to get a CBC and a cat scan of my neck chest abdomen and pelvis. im still awaiting the results. I didnt think it was relevant at the time but now i think it might be related. About 6 months ago i started getting sharp chest pains and every now and then my chest will cramp up and i cant breathe. I went to urgent care and he said i had athlete induced asthma, but now im starting to question that. Could these things be related? I was just wondering if anyone knows what this could be. thanks.

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    Lymph Nodes Chest Pain

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    well im 17 and have been just diagnosed with a disease called Hodgkin's lymphoma... where my lymph nodes were swollen and my doctor wanted me to get them checked out. I dont want to freak you out or anything but when a person has Hodgkin's lymphoma, they commonly have swollen lymph nodes, a tumor in the chest (chest pain) and tumors around the lungs, all based of the severity of the disease. i have all 3 but luckily this type of cancer IS VERY EASY to cure. now im not saying you have it but your symptoms were just like mine... thats all im saying. my treatment is four cycles of chemotherapy.

    the best chance is that you do have athlete induced asthma or something and some sort of an infection which would cause the swollen lymph nodes.

    good luck!

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