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How to tone my stomach and legs?

Im 13 5'5 and 125 i know thats bad lol! No but my built doesnt make me look overweight (which im not i hope lol). K the basketball season just started up again so thats gonna be a help right?

I've lost a lot of weight from when i started 2-3yrs ago so thats going for me. But I want to know what I can eat and what excerises I should do to flatten and tone my stomach, legs, and thighs?


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    running is the best. trust me!

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    Well a lot of people say you can drink a cup of water in the morning b4 eating and brushing Your teeth for like 30 mins. Also eat food in smaller portions. Eat fiber food. Sports and excercise plays a big part in loosing weight walk for atleast 30 mins every day and drink plenty of water.

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