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Do I have the right to be upset at my best guy friend?

My best guy friend is now questioning his sexuality. He asked his girl friend (who he's in a long-distance relationship with) whether he can have sex with men, and she agreed that he can.

He says that he will always have an emotional bond with his gf, and that all he cares about is personality.

At the beginning of college, he had an open relationship with his long distance gf so he could have sex with other women. So he basically just used women for sex. This leads to believe that some part of him is very much straight...

so I'm thinking he's just bi.

We're in I guess it's good to figure his sexuality out now.

He's not definitely going to have sex with guys..but if he finds a guy, then he will.

i don't care that he might be gay and I think its good that he's exploring...I just feel like he's using people and has used people.

He told me that it would be much easier if I had a dick, so then he could just do me. What a great complement.

He thinks I'm sexually repressed and he wants me to go to a sex shop with him to get some kind of toy.

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    dude is a sex addict by the sounds of it and is trying ot get it wherever and whenever he can

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