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What should I fix myself for dinner?

Both my parents have been sick all day, so I have to fix my own dinner tonight. Nothing that takes too long or is too complicated to make. I'm an okay cook, but sometimes I mess things up. What's a yummy, easy meal to make? I'm getting hungry! lol!


Something easy that doesn't take a lot of work, please. Oh, and nothing that requires using the oven. Microwave is okay, though.

Update 2:

I'm 13. And there's nobody to supervise me, I already said that both my parents are sick, and I don't have any siblings. But I've taken a cooking class before, so I know the basics and stuff, and the safety precautions like with cooking something on the stove.

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    Grilled Cheese

    Kraft Dinner


    Heat up some left overs

    a sandwich


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    Tuna melt sandwich?

    Mix up some tuna with some mayo. Toast some bread. Add some cheese and lettuce.

    You could do it on a Geoge Foreman grill if you have one of those

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    Grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup, if you are old enough to cook. Get an adult to supervise if you are a kid.

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    hot dogs are easy, and you can put bacon in the microwave..

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