Acoustic/Electro-Acoustic Guitar Reccomendations?

Hi There,

I'm looking at buying an acoustic or electro-acoustic guitar for christmas. I'm looking to spend up to about £200 ($400ish?) but could go a little higher for something worth it.

I'm going to try and go to a guitar shop and try some out, I'm a bit worried I won't be able to tell the difference in sound from any of them, and I'd like some idea of what to try out, so suggestions please!

I've been playing guitar for, a fair while but not very well, I've never had lessons or anything so it was a slow process :P. So I don't want a beginner guitar, but not something overly expensive either. Something that will sound good and last hopefully.

I'd like an electro-acoustic if possible because it would be convenient to be able to plug it in, but I'd mainly play it acoustically, so I wouldn't want the sound to suffer too much.

The one I've been lusting over so far is the Yamaha APX500, but I'd like some alternatives to try out and have a look at.

So yeah, please make suggestions and any advice is welcome! (Sorry about the essay-length of this question.)


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    One way to go about is to search for acoustic-electric guitars on the web. Many reliable web stores will have them as well as the chance to compare cost.

    One you narrow your choice to two or three, go to HARMONY CENTRAL Users Review (www.harmonycentral) for acoustic guitars and look up the specifc model of the guitar.

    Many times you find many owner-players giving their opinion of the instrument. It is worth knowing the experience of other players with the instrument.

    I hope this will help you in your search

    Source(s): I play classical guitar,mandolin and Baritone Ukulele and have used Harmony Central as a research source with good success.
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    I have a Dean PATEC/BB

    I think it stands for Performer Arch Top Electric Cutaway / Blue Bust. It's well under your $ price range but it looks and plays allot better than other guitars in it's price range.

    I found it to be a very good and playable guitar. not only that it's Beautiful allot of the pictures I have found online don't really show its looks. Here's a couple of pictures of my wife playing it, (the first two links) and a link to one site i found it for sale on for $

    Hope that helps a little

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