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he was " limp" last night..?

is that my fault? it's never happened before..

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    not your fault... maybe he id distracted by a problem or conflict. Try talking to him about it.

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    He could have high blood pressure causing it, a new medication, just exhausted or tired from the day, was in pain somewhere, or masturbated too many times that day. I doubt he doesn't find you attractive anymore, if he didn't he would have left you or at least been cheating on you.

    DON'T criticize him for it though, instead tell him it's ok and that it happens to all guys sometimes. If it keeps happening, just have him go to the doctor about it since an errection problem is usually an underlying condition to something serious. That, and now a days it can easily be corrected by a pump, or pills.

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    It happens to everybody at some point. It's not your fault at all, he's either just not in the mood or stressed out about something. Sometimes it's from overuse. sometimes when you try to get hard and can't and start to think too much about it, thats when you can't get it up at all.

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    possibly he was so eager to please you he got too anxious. Or even wanted to please you but was worried he might not 'perform' to your satisfaction as he was tired. Do what you know needs doing,teasing and playing-he'll soon perk up! it's the anticipation that gets thing 'up' and running,so tease him into being on fire with desire. xxx

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