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1.074B color monitors?

I've been seeing monitors labeled as 1.074B lately?

SO would that mean 30bit color?

Are the days of 24bit color finally fading, and the days of 30bit color coming in or something? :)

It'll be so awesome if true! I think games and applications are finally getting to the point where they're held back by the 24bit color depth.

To me starting with doom3/hl2 we were starting to gain less and less noticeably better textures. just better engines (for physics and what not), and lightning techniques.


That's just a myth--the part about most people not being able to tell the difference. They use to say that about 16bit to 24bit color. There's just a tell able difference between the two...

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    Actually most people wouldn't even notice the difference between 30-bit and 24-bit colors.

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