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help - homework! please help!?

i wrote an essay on bullying. i cant state my opinions in it so i just gave the facts. tell me watcha think! oh and ten points to whoever can give me a really good ending!

thanks for the answers!

Bullying can hurt teens physically and emotionally. It can happen to anyone, anywhere. The majority of bullying takes place amongst teenagers. In this essay, you will learn about verbal bullying, physical bullying and cyber bullying. These are three very different types of bullying. You will also learn how it affects teens.

The first form of bullying is verbal bullying. Verbal bullying is using words to put down others. Teens tease others about their nationalities, the way they speak or even what they wear. Verbal bullying can be as simple as name calling, but sometimes words hurt. Verbal bullying often makes the victim re-think things about themselves. Verbal bullying often takes place because of jealousy. Bullies tell others bad things because they are jealous of them. This often makes the victim feel unappreciated and excluded.

The second form of bullying is physical bullying. Physical bullying is when the bully uses actions to physically hurt someone else on purpose. Physical bullying includes hitting, punching, kicking, etc. Physical bullying could also be threatening to hurt someone. The bully often has problems of their own, and this is how he/she releases their rage. There is usually a group of people picking on one person. It is almost never one on one. Therefore, the victim doesn’t have a chance of fighting back. Physical bullying often results with injury.

The third form of bullying is cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is when a bully uses the internet to spread rumors and put down others. While cyber bullying, the bully does not have to see face to face with the victim. If the bully wants, he/she can stay anonymous. This could result too feeling excluded and angry. Sometimes when the victim feels excluded, he/she will want to be included again. This may include doing what others do, which could be stealing or something else that is bad.

Bullying is a big part of being a teenager, whether they are the bully or they are being bullied. Over all, three main types of bullying were discussed. Here they are summarized quickly. Verbal bullying is using words to put down others. Physical bullying is physically hurting someone, or threatening to do so. Cyber bullying is using the internet to spread bad information about someone else. People should try to put an end to bullying because it affects teens, and it can also affect their families. It can affect their families because it can change the victim’s personality. Not only is the victim affected while being bullied, but they are also affected later in life. They can develop depression as a result from when they were picked on while they were younger. Depression can negatively affect a teenager’s life.

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    That's pretty good.

    But remember to use paragraphs. Not only teenagers bully, younger kids do also, so do adults, so you could ad that in, and as for the conclusion you have to summarise what you wrote in the earlier paragraphs, and there is no new information added, so maybe just ''In conclusion the bullying factor in our communities results in later life issues of physical and mental problems.''

  • in 1st paragraph, don't say "in this essay, ;lakdjfkjslkjf" put something like "there are 3 types of bullying and by investigating in each type, you will see how it greatly affects teens." Learn to see if there are other words that can resemble "bully" The ending? I would keep how bullying would affect teens but always remember, bullying can happen to ANYONE, ANYWHERE. The bottom line message to all bullies: "There is always somone bigger and badder"

    Overall? good;)

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    That's pretty good. I don't know how old you are so I don't know how in depth this should be.

    Perhaps you can mention Columbine type incidents where the victims have "snapped".

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