How come we have bases in other countries but they don't have them here?

I don't understand it, and it irks me that we can own land in other countries and they can't own any here. Yes, I am American, and I'm not exactly proud of it (please no hate. I just hate how far America has fallen).

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    Hi Angelee,

    I think you're asking why other countries don't have military bases in the US, right? It's a good question and hopefully we'll get a soldier here who can answer.

    But I'm concerned that you seem so angry about the US to be less than 100% proud. You think America has fallen - can you give some examples?

    We are the greatest nation in the world, and people from practically every other nation have come here to live, work, get an education, experience religious or political freedom, or to improve their lives.

    There are some wonderful stories out there from people who will tell you what it's like in the country of their birth. They will tell you that America is the land where you can be anything you want to be, if only you're willing to work for it.

    When countries experience famine or natural disaster, the US is one of the first countries to extend a helping hand, even if the country is one where relations are not good. Look at the Myanmar cyclone. We have economic sanctions against the country because we want the government to engage in meaningful dialogue about the oppression of Myanmar's citizens. But when the cyclone hit, we sent military ships which included hospital facilities and relief supplies. We were turned away.

    Did you know that the United States is the most generous nation in the world? Charitable giving from US citizens is more than double that of the next highest nation, the UK. Check out the link.

    So I'm not sure what's made you angry but I hope you'll find something that changes your feelings.

    I'm so very proud to be an American

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    We put bases in the U.K. so we could respond to Germany or Russia. Bases in Kuwait to watch Iraq. I'm not sure who would want one here. We border Canada and Mexico, not a pair of countries known for their belligerence. It seems like the big reason to put a military base on American soil would be to try and tone down the U.S. I believe we do periodically conduct joint military exercises with several other countries and a Friend was telling me about the time Fort Brag I think was hosting some German soldiers for a seminar or something. I think that kind of exchange is fairly routine. So there is cooperation even if there isn't any land involved.

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    For starters, foreign persons can own land in the United States, as long as they do it legally. There are just additional forms to be filled out, but it can be done.

    And no other country has military bases here. For starters, they aren't necessary. The US covers pretty much the entire continent, so the only reason another country could have a base here is if they are invading us! We have bases strategically placed throughout the world in the countries of our allies. Since most conflicts occur on the other side of the globe and not our continent, that is best.

    While we may not have a foreign base, we do have foreign troops who have trained on US bases here on our soil. The US military carries out the majority of the UNs actions. As part of that deal, we need to have military bases elsewhere. But since soldiers need to be in closer proximity to fighting, there is no reason for any of them to be here in the US.

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    We do allow foreign military on our soil. We train them and also allow them port entry.

    The reason we have bases in other countries is for protection, theirs and ours. All are covered under treaties and other legal agreements.

    The ones we have in hostile territory are there for our convenience and for the troops to have a safe haven. When the war is over, our troops will come home.

    Also, as far as owning land here is concerned, every major auto manufacturer from Europe and Asia owns land here. Many other foreign companies own land of one sort or another.

    Embassies are considered as land sovereign to the country that has them.

    I hope this helps.

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    Actually we do have foreign countries that get their military training at our bases here in the states. I do know that ALL NATO pilots go through the 80th Flying Training Wing in the Air Force. Although they don't actually have a "base" there they do have nearly full control of the training. Plus most all special operations have intertwined relations with our allies.

    Source(s): USAF Veteran
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    It is to protect your own country,the base in Japan after ww2 is to monitor movement in Russia and China and of course to make sure no more second Pearl Harbour attack from Japan , Russia suppoosed to have a base in Cuba in the 60s, but failed,,

    Can you imagine what will happen if Afghanistan or Iran having a base in your neighbourhood, ( you may need spiderman, your friendly neighbourhood to protect you)

  • To maintain the security of ourselves and allies, and have a strategical advantage during wartime. My husband is currently in Africa, where he has been for the last 6 months. The naval base there is owned by the french, but leased to the US. They're keeping an eye on nearby terrorist training camps, fighting piracy off the coast of Somalia, providing aid, and helping rebuild nearby villages. My man is pretty d*mn proud of what they're doing. Maybe you should travel, or do a little more research before you go thinking it's all bad.

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    They don't ?

    NORAD is a joint US/Canadian Base.

    The Commander of NORAD, switches between a US General and a Canadian general.

    Germany has its Air Defense School in El Paso Tx.

    And what other countries, have ever ask to have a military base in the US ?

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    Umm, we have several bases here. List your state and I will tell you what is in your state. Or call your local recruiter, they will take you for a visit.

    That is assuming you are talking about American military bases in America.

    We originally put bases overseas as a "base" during a conflict. Countries that we now have bases in, like Germany, we once had to go to war in.

    When military from our friendly countries visit our country, they stay on our bases, as a courtesy as we are their friends.

    If they are not our allies, I do not want them with a base here.

    Also, no other country has gone to war in the US and needed to build a base.

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    I'm in england and I don'tthink we really need any bases in your country. a lot of the bases around the world,ours,yours,french etc were established in colonial or war times. I'm not sure if the US actually "owns" the land it's bases abroad are on, a few maybe

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