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I need music ideas for my I-pod!?

Any ideas of new music I should put on my i-pod? I like anything except songs with heavy swearing, really graphic talk, and none of that emo screamo crap.

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    music that you like

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    Crush-David Archuleta

    Live Your Life- RIhanna and TI

    Just Dance- Lady GaGa

    Hot N Cold- Katy Perry (it says *****...once)

    Shake It- Metro Station

    Leavin'- Jesse McCartney

    Angel- Natasha Bedingfield

    Pocket Full of Sunshine-Natasha Bedingfield

    These are all my recent and all time faves...Especially Just Dance

  • 1 decade ago

    Well that leaves out heavy metal, rap, and any band with the words "My Chemical Romance" in it. Except for the latter, you have effectively gotten rid of every good possibility for music you could listen to.

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