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Who are the UN peacekeepers and what did they do for the Democratic Republic of Congo?

It's just a Socials Studies question ;)

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    The United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the largest current UN peacekeeping mission. It is an international force of troops sent by the United Nations originally in 2000 to monitor the peace process of the Second Congo War (1998 - 2003). Since then they have been aiding the Congolese government in the fighting against the rebel faction in the ongoing Kivu conflict. Although a peace deal was reached in January rebel attacks have reignited the conflict.

    The makeup of the 18,000+ force can be found here:

    The countries with the most troops deployed are India (4,421) and Pakistan (3,597).

    And shame on you, William H, there is a serious humanitarian crisis in DR Congo right now. Show some compassion, or even a faint interest in international events. I bet you voted for McCain.

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    don't know, don't care.

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