looking for pregnancy answers..?

okay i know that all anyone can say is call the doctor,i did that and they said to wait it out and see what happens, so im just being curious now:

i had my period twice in september( once in the beginning and once in the middle, while on birth control, didnt miss a pill, it just happened), around the 11th of october, i had some brownish discharge for about a day and then nothing else for the rest of the month, and nothing yet in november.

ive been feeling more tired than usual, my nose is runny, i smell things differently, im breaking out(and i only break out when im on my period, but i dont have it), my boobs looks more veiny than normal, i keep having cramps, ( and i normally dont have period cramps), my boyfriend keeps telling me that i feel warmer than normal, every now and then i feel like i have to throw up, and my muscle hurt lately.

but ive taken about 7 HPT over the past 5 weeks and theyve all said negative. today i took the 7th one but it was a dollar tree one so i dont think it can detect 5 days before the missed period. i have a first response HPT left that can detect 5 days before the missed period.

so since i had that brownish discharge around the 11th of october, im thinking that i should get my period about the 11th of this month if im not pregnant. so thats 5 days from now.

it might just all be in my head, but everytime i take a test and it comes out negative im like, okay im not pregnant and i forget about it, and let it go. then a couple hours later i either feel like i have to throw up or get cramps or something, witch brings me back to, hmm, maybe im pregnant.

so, what do you think? the earliest i can see a doctor is nov.24th. so im just waiting it out now..


oh yes, and i have this white creamy discharge as well, that seems to be coming out(sorry tmi) like my period would...

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    I'm going through the EXACT same situation. What I figured is that after that second period in September (I missed one pill though, so that's a difference) I must have started a new cycle, which means that I would find out on the 12th of October if I am pregnant. I have symptoms too, but I'm pretty sure its because of the birth control. Those hormones mess up your body, and pump progesterone into it, making it think it is pregnant. That causes some symptoms. It's too early to test just yet, so I'm sorry, but you are going to have to follow your doctor's advice and wait. I'm going to go to the doctor's office next week if my period still hasn't shown, so I can have a blood test done.

    Good luck!

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