plz i'm desperate need this by this saturday which is tomorrow?

should students be allowed to elect their own principals? i need this for a debate contest on sunday which i have to be there by 8AM. i need the possible pros, cons, and some rebuttals to them. the person with the most rebutts, pro, and cons i haven't thought up yet wins 10 points. i tried googling and got all sortsof weird results including a killing at a high school. wikipedia got something about local school councils. yahoo gets same results as google. my friends have the same problem or are too dumb OR are 1000~3000 miles away and my smart counsin isn't answering the phone. my mom says i get to find this out on my own and my dad's performing a surgery PLZ HELP YOU GUYS ARE MY LAST HOPE not only my last hope but my friends' last hope too i need to win this contest soooo bad!!! they only pick one person from each team and they look at self-presentation and LOGICAL REASONING and GOOD REASONS&SUPPOERTING DETAILS!!!


oh and for people who think tomorrow is saturday i live in eatern asia so this is FRIDAY MORNING at 10:25

Update 2:

crazy sarah: thanks for loving my avatar and your opinion but i need some reasons why you think that

Update 3:

to simpleheratsx: i got the topic testerday at 9pm and got home at 10pm so i'm not procrastinating

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    At first I thought you were living in the United States (where most of us are living as well). I understand that you're really in need of help, so I'll see if I can help you.

    Pro: Allows students to express free will and thinking.

    Students would most likely elect a candidate that they like. By doing so, the students would elect a principal that they would feel comfortable with when addressing their concerns.

    Student/parent and faculty communication would most likely improve (this connects with the second pro). The principal may be more willing to address student and parent concerns to the faculty and Board of Education. This could create a better learning environment.


    Extremely unpractical. The students would be biased and most likely to elect the most lenient candidate running for principal.

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    What qualifies a student to vote for a principal? Not all of them are smart. Heck, some of them can't even take voting for a class president seriously.

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    I think students should be allowed.By the way i love your avatar

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    1 decade ago

    kay I'm totally not doing your homework right now...

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    ok, for one 2morrow is FRIDAY, and no u can do it urself

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