Music during world war 2?

What was it like...

Anything I might be able to buy?...

I listen to country and it's very much about this war...

So I was wondering about music during pass wars...

What did your grandparents or whom ever listen to during there era of wars...

I Love America and plan on joining to military soon!...

I have a tattoo of our flag on my back to present all wars and that everyone goes though a war!...I love this nation that much!

I love listening to music about it!

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    Yes, there is a great deal of country music available on CD that was out during World War II, including songs that were about the war itself.

    One thing you have to understand is that, during the War, there was a shortage of shellac (a component in making records), so there weren't a lot of records made to begin with.

    Here are some of the major country songs about WWII:

    "There's a Star-Spangled Banner Waving Somehwere" by Elton Britt (this was the first song in country music awarded a gold record, 1943)

    "Smoke on the Water" by Red Foley (no relation whatsoever to the rock song with the same title!!!)

    "A Soldier's Last Letter" by Ernest Tubb

    There were also a lot of songs AFTER the war about the War, most notably, "PT 109" by Jimmy Dean (which came out in the early 1960s).

    My parents were teenagers during WWII, and they listened to country music: Al Dexter, Eddy Arnold, Pee Wee King, Roy Acuff, the Delmore Brothers.

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    Music During Ww2

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    People listened to music from Big Bands. Glen Miller, Artie Shaw, Guy Lombardo (he was Canadian), Harry James. If you search music sites for Big Bands you will find a lot of 40's music. The other term they used was Swing, and performers like Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and others.

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    Glen Miller was huge during WWII.

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    glen miller

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    glen miller

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