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Thursday night football on NFL network?

Even though the announcers could be more exciting, Im so happy there is a football game every Thursday night until the last week of the regular season. I love football! Should it be on another channel or only be for direct tv viewers.

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    it should definitely be available to all viewers. thursday is such a crucial day. it makes a lot of teams not just play the normal 6 day short week, but sometimes a 4 day one. even without a challenging match-up, it is always a true test. sometimes its a must win for teams. i believe all fans should have the right to be able to watch their team play.

  • 5 years ago

    Tell your association to piss off. Most places that it has been to cout the courts have ruled Associations cant prohibit small Direct tv style dishes. Also let it be a lesson learned to never buy property where you have to sign away your rights. Now to your question: If football fans sign up for the NFL channel, or call cable companies and ask them to carry it. It will only lead to more games on pay channels. Eventually the NFL will get the great idea to put playoff and Superbowl on Pay per view. Fans can stop it right now. Refuse to watch games on a pay channel and let your cable companies know you will not pay extra for the channel. With enough complaints the NFL will go back to ad supported broadcasts. However complaining about it but doing nothing or asking cable to carry it is pretty stupid.

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