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What should i do with my hair its really dry and flakey as well as stiff?

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    First go get a trim.

    Then get yourself a moisturizing shampoo. I think head & shoulders has a few, that will take care of your dandruff as well.

    And make sure your conditioner is moisturizing as well. Don't just put it in and rinse it out, leave it in your hair while your doing your other shower business, because pretty much all of them say to leave in for 3 minutes before rinsing out.

    If nothing works, I'd ask your hair stylist.

  • Nicki
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    Dry flakiness If you have flakiness that is dry and often confined to the top of the head, hairline or nape with tiny dust like flakes that are white in colour you may simply have a dry flaky scalp. The patches which may or may not be itchy can often be worse at certain times of the year e.g. the change of seasons. Also ask yourself if this dry area is the same spot that you always apply your shampoo to or the point where the hot water from the shower hits?

    Dry weather can affect your scalp, so try a shampoo and conditioner specifically for dry scalps at the onset of winter. When the flakes disappear go back to products designed for your hair type and switch between the products if the condition returns.

    Hot showers are also a common culprit. If you like your shower really hot the effects on your scalp are really obvious. Try working your conditioner into the scalp, as it will act as a moisturiser: Take it easy on the heat!

    Always rinse hair thoroughly after shampooing before conditioning. Conditioner seals down the outside of the hair making it smooth and easy to comb but it will also seal in any remaining 'soap' from your shampoo which will later come off as 'flakes'

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    You could buy a hair moisture replenishing mask. There is one from Pantene I am pretty sure. Also, get a shower cap. After taking a shower, put on moisturizing conditioner and then put the cap on. Leave it in for a bit, then wash it out. Over washing it will also dry out your hair.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    shower everyday! try using like herbal essences or something lol makes your hair really soft (i know i use it) yeah just simple hair care things. Make sure when choosing a shampoo and conditioner that fits you. Maybe you have natural dry hair so you would wnt to pick one that says for dry hair. Hope that helps!

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    Maybe go to the closest hair dressers and ask them what kind of shampoo or conditioner you could use in it. my mum is a hairdresser but shes not here at the moment other wise i would ask her. There is vairious diffrent types of shampoo and condidinor look in a shopping centre maybe try tee tree. and try not to straighten it alot or curl it and put alot of products init. and it depends on what sort of hair you have.

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    Buy special shampoo! Trust me!

    ha some problem and get some hair spray for VOLUME!

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    you shuold probably buy

    T-Gel or Head and Shoulders for the flakeyness

    and for the stiffness try extra moisturizing conditioner and washing your hair often(if you don't already)

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    maybe try using a different shampoo, either an anti-dandruff shampoo or a clarifying shampoo to get rid of all the junk left by product buildup.

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    if you put hairspray in dont take a shower then blow dry it and like straighten it if ur a guy try striaghning it make ur hair shaggy girl wear hair down and straighnten it

  • Anonymous
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    Wash your hair and then air dry it and then tell me what happens

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