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is it normal for a girl to be sexually active before the age of 12?

ok I'm 15 now and I'm already kinda sexually active but I feel like I have been this way before I turned 12. I think I started being that way since I was like 10. Is that normal? or am I just a really big freak.


ok I'm 15 now and I'm already kinda sexually active but I feel like I have been this way before I turned 12. I think I started being that way since I was like 10. Is that normal? or am I just a really big freak.

P.S. I'm not saying that I was having sex at this age. I'm saying that I was touching myself and pretending to do that stuff. I haven't had sexual intercourse with anyone at that age.

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    It depends what you consider sexually active I have a few friends that have been regularly masturbating since the age of 5 and admit it ( no i don't mean penetration)

    P.S. not trying to be sick just answering the question

    as for intercourse no they shouldn't be that young

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    Your not a freak. But sex is more than just a pleasant sensation.

    It involves the understanding that any one that is having sexual activity with a 10 year old is most likely taking advantage of her.

    And a person taking advantage of you, a 10 year old child doesnt care if it damages her for future relationships, doesnt care if she develops a sexually transmitted disease that could require more than just a medication to treat. A sexually transmitted disease can be a life time sentence.

    Also the scaring and damage caused by SDTs to your reproductive system can prevent you from ever being capable of bearing children.

    Anyone having sex at 10 doesnt have the maturity to figure out if the person they are with truly cares for them, Let me assure you, its not just fun and games At ;east eventually it won't be and you will not have developed the skills to know if someone is just trying to get in your britches or if they really care for you.

    I am sorry you were exposed at an early age to a situation you were not ready for.

    In many cases where a young girl a 10 year old became sexually active she was sexually abused at a young age.

    A person who would choose to have sex with a 10 year old used you.

    Your not a freak. 1 in 4 females are molested. But you are probably going to have some rough times ahead when you are old enough to choose a life partner, because you dont have the skills to decide if a person loves you for who you are, or just wants an orgasm with you.

    When you grow up you will realize that premature complete surrender to another person by sex before you are ready is going to make it difficult for you to trust as an adult that a person isnt just using you.

    You also may expose your self to diseases that you cannot wash off and that can become a life time sentence, And which also interfere with bearing children

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    By "sexually active", you mean you've been having sex since you were 10? That's definitely not normal. If you chose, that's still way too young, and even if you were forced into it, that's not right, nor is it normal. I'm not sure most kids even know what sex is before 12. . .

    I've met a few people who called themselves "sexually active" just because they had been thinking about sex or had masturbated, but they hadn't done anything with anyone else. But yeah, just to help answer, have you actually had full-on sex? Since you were 10 or 12?

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    First, the disclaimer: I am a 33 year old male who has less than zero experience in either child rearing or psychosexual analysis. Having said that: NO! Twelve is entirely too young for any sort of sexual activity. At that age, you barely know anything about the world at large, never mind what you're actually getting into! Twelve is what...6th grade, tops? Out of the question. And anyone who would want to be sexually active with a 12 year old is a pedophile.

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    Well, probably not at 12 but puberty might have kicked in when you were 12. When you reach that stage of changing from a child to a teenager, you experience and feel different about things. So, I'd say it's normal, just don't have sex with anybody and be smart about it! Wait until you're grown to do that! Worry about school! Get good grades, eat healthy, drink water, get a lot of sleep (8 hours at least), and exercise! I want you to be happy about yourself!

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    Well, "sexually active" usually means you are having sex currently. So if you actually had sex before age 12..that's not very normal..but if just had sexual feelings..that's human nature and normal.

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    You shouldn't be sexually active at 15.

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    your probibly just facinated with it all or how it looks in the media. 12 is really young to be so intised about it but then again what we see on t.v when we are young can change all that. oh and since your here and sexually active may i nicely remind you to keep using protection. sad seeing all the young ones ask here if they pregnant or not.

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    ok well it actually depends how sexually active you really are. Personally i feel you should wait a long time and think that you are really ready. Let me ask you have you really loved any of those guys????

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    depends what you mean by sexually active...masturbation is normal but having intercourse and other sexual contact (besides kissing) with partners at this age is definitely not normal nor is it adviseable.

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