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Where on your hips do you wear a speedo?

I will begin playing water polo in a week and I would like to know EXACTLY how high or low to wear my speedo. Help?

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    Honestly it depends on your body type and how comfortable you are or how used to wearing one you are.

    Most pro-swimmers will wear the speedo so it is resting wayyyyyy below their navel and just right above any indecent exposure. Most high school polo players are not quite this bold, but many are just about there.

    If you are just starting out, dont feel pressured to wear it this low. Just keep it a bit below your belly button and make it so that it isnt really stretched tight in any place. Keep it wrinkled in a few places - that is a good location to wear it.

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    below your belly button, but not so low to start seeing groin! I like to see them right at the protruding part of hip bones. look at pictures of professional water polo players and see where theirs are (granted it moves around in the water with action).

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    it really doesnt matter. i wear really small ones so they go like just above my pubes.

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