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i got that great feeling wiht my boyfriend again today...?

so these past 2 weeks i was tarting to wonder if i really wanted to be with my bf of 2 years forever like i used to think. we had been going through a rough patch and arguing a lot. but then at the end of school today we were being really sweet and he kissed me after school and i got that high like i used to always get when we kissed(before these last 2 weeks) it was amazing. so do you think we were just going through a rough patch? and i still really do love him?

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    everyone goes through those rough patches, its how you handle them and get through them...only you know if you still love him, you cant ask anyone else that question

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    i know the feeling. i live in that constant "high" when im with my boyfriend. every second. he treats me like a princess and i cry at the thought of loosing him. id say if you still get that high feeling then you are still most deffinetly in love.

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