HELP my CPU is at 100%...why!?

I am running Windows XP. When I get on Yahoo cards (like canasta), it's using 100% of my CPU and basically shutting down my computer. It's starting to happen with other internet sites as well, especially EBay. Right now it reads Physical Memory Total 359920 Available 195840 System Cache 89968. Kernel Memory Total 33404, paged 19892, nonpaged 13512. Commit charge total 307280, limit 1050888, peak 726548. Handles 9312, threads 449, processes 30. This is just with this answer page open and it's readin gthat 4% of the CPU is being used. If I open the games or head to EBay, it's jumps to 98-100%. What gives? Can I fix it? How?

Thank you, oh Yahoo Answer wise ones!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    you will need to read the forums(knowledge base) on microsoft

    as their has been a couple of updates that caused this in the past with win xp (and maybe some for vista too)

    wish i could help you more but try using the search function on that site

    gl and tc



    but this maybe for only the computers that the system idle process is the culprit (using the most resources )

    open the task manager and see if it is the system idle process that is eating up all your resources

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