How can you become a role model to everyone?

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    You cannot be a role model for everyone, because each person is different and, more to the point, each role-set is different. I assume, since you are asking a question about "roles," that you are aware of Meadian Role theory (also called "Symbolic Interaction Theory." Dr. George Herbert Mead was a professor of sociology at the University of Chicago in the early part of the 20th century, who outlined a detailed concept of the "roles" people play in relationships. Here are some web sites on this topic:

    The basic idea in role theory is the "role set" in which two people have and assign expectations to each other's behaviors (actions, feelings, thoughts). When expectations are not met but are disappointed, the disappointed person tries to get the other person to behave "according to expectations" by sanctions, punishments, suggestions, favors, rewards, bribes, etc.

    I found, in many decades of marriage counseling, that "disappointed expefcations" are the Number One problem partners have with each other, and what most often drives them apart. "I want you to behave as I want you to...and yuou do not...therefore, I have (a) found a lover, (b) decided to divorce you...etc."

    The two roles in a Role Set are "Self" (also called "Ego") and "Other" (or "Alter").

    There are two basic kinds of "Others": The generalized other, who exhibits the general characteristics of the role, and the Significant Other, whose playing of the role is significant and basic, and therefore an ideal model or paradigm of the Role. Thus a "teacher" may be a typical teacher (generalized other), or a nearly-perfect example of what a teacher should be, a "Significant" other, the Teacher to look up to, to emulate, to honor, etc.

    (Note that "significant other" has NOTHING to do with boy/girl friends, lovers, etc. It is a complete mis-use of Mead's term to speak of one's lover as "my significant other." That term should be reserved for someone who presents a positive and "idealized" model of a particular role.)

    There is much more to this theory, which can be found in two books: "Mind, Self, and Society" and "Selected Writings" both by GH Mead.

    I hope this helps. And please pardon the mis-speelings...Yahoo's spele-cheker seems to be not wirking.

    -- Dr. Bob

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    To become a role model, you should work on how others perceive you. Never be judgemental, negative, don't talk behind peoples backs or make anyone feel bad about themselfs. You should try and be open, friendly, confident, smile, give good eye contact, never ever lie - people will never respect you if you lie, be assertive, stand up for yourself, be a genuine friend to other people, and be nice to everyone no matter who they are. These really are the characteristics of a positive role model in my opinion

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    Yeah of course Obama is a good role model. Just take a look at that racist preacher he has always looked up to.

  • Live to god's purpose for you! Not only will your life be fulfilled with all that is positive and good but, you will be happy and have more love than you could possibly share in a lifetime! :D

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  • by being who I am and not giving in to my addictions

    by being strong and helping others be the best they can be

    by paying it forward

    doing the right thing

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    You can' will never please everyone, never.

    To quote the late singer Ricky Nelson "Garden Party"

    "You can't please everyone so you've got to please yourself"

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