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ok i need help with a guy?

mk so theres a guy in my study hall class and hes kinda shy and well i kind of am to. i want 2 talk 2 him i mean i did but it was only small talk what do i talk about to him??

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    well, i would find a common interet among the both of you. that can always start a great conversation you will never want to stoop. and dont be so scared to be upfront with him BUT DONT SCARE HIM AWAY. if he tends to be the shy type, then it will proabbly be you who will have to make the first move, but after that then you guys will be really comfortable with each other and conversation will come easy. i hope this helps! PLEASE VOTE ME FOR BEST ANSWER! thanks.

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    Good question. Small talk is always a good way to start any kind of conversation. For us guys it is easy. Talk about favorite food, color, songs, what do we like to do on off days, movies, etc. These are just some simple ways to kind of know the personal stuff for enjoyment, later on if anything can talk about jobs or other kind as well. Good luck

  • 1 decade ago u have any relation to him? like his bro knows urs or something? u could talk about stuff like that. umm or ask him about the work! lol or just be plain flirty and confident and introduce urself!

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