Installing Sims 2 on a laptop?

I love the Sims and I miss playing it, but all I have is a laptop. It has 22 gigs available on the hard drive and 512 MB memory. Will it ruin the laptop or make it really slow?

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    1 decade ago
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    The most important thing of all is your graphics, as other people have said. It's a bit difficult to answer your question without knowing whether your laptop meet the graphics requirements.

    If you have integrated graphics then yes you could run the risk of damaging your laptop if your card overheats. It's a very small risk but it's still worth knowing.

  • 1 decade ago

    i downloaded it for my laptop i have a dell inspiron.

    sooo manny ppl tell me its a compluter for business types & not video games so im not supose to install it

    but i installed it anyway

    it has good graphics but some times it can run slowly.

    ive had a couple problems with it but it could also be with the custom content i downloaded.

    good luck with your laptop

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hmmmm same thing happened to me. it will either:

    A. run normally but suck at grafics.

    B. end up having good graphics but being slow.

    Either way, it gets boring when you can't play it the way you are supposed to, rather annoying, best of luck with your game.

    Source(s): I play it with all expansions
  • man, i love the sims 2, too, but i have a stinkin laptop. i want it for my birthday, which is tomorow. if you could find out the answer from someone else, PLEASE email it to me. i need it. by the way, i have a mac. thanks in advance!

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