Do we see Bobby Jindel and Allen Keys having a future in the republican party?

I would like to see them run on the same ticket some day for president and vice president both are very good speakers and both are great debaters.


What a liberal you are and you spout hate not answers.

Update 2:

Obama only had 143 days.

Update 3:

because that is how much he was in the senate.

I bet Jindel is smarter than you.

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    Bobby Jindel is one heck of a guy, i hope to heck he runs in 2012!

  • 1 decade ago

    Bobby Jindal, yes.

    Terrific. Talented in multiple ways and he connects with people in the most practical manner.

    Transcends partisanship.

    He's got a bright future and is exactly what our country needs.

    Smarter by far than Barack Obama and much more practical.

    Gets things done instead of just talking it to death.

    He has the serious hands-on record of administrative, executive and legislative achievement that Obama lacks

    And he doesn't piss people off.

    Alan Keyes is nuts. He's a bomb thrower who has never been able to stay on focus.

    He can't even decide what State to live in. Why in the world would he think he could run for President with NO base at all? Then parachute into Illinois and run for their Senate seat with no local support?

    He's got a serious deficit in the common sense department regardless of the his obvious brains and educational achievement.

    Keyes is PROOF positive that "eduction" means absolutely nothing in rating candidates.

    He's nothing but a distraction in any race that he enters.

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    1 decade ago

    Keyes is a religious nut case who disowned his daughter. I'd love to see them run in 2012 and watch Piyush Jindal and Alan Keyes get 10 percent of the vote. Jindal is busy ruining Louisiana and is likely a one term governor. Don't count on him just yet. He's a scheming little sh** who destroyed our state healthcare system under Governor Foster.

    I know Jindal far better than you and he is not presidential material. So that is why I hope he runs. He is a neoconservative and neoconservatism is dead. Your party has a lot of work to do. This election was also a repudiation of the religious right, not just the fact Obama is the better man as president.

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    1 decade ago

    Keyes Oh my God -- we did not vote for Obama because he was black -- besides Obama beat him once already

    143 where do you get that number

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