Matching chemistry homework?

Please can you solve this matching problem...

Match the letter (definition) with the number (words):

1) Subatomic Particles

2) Millikan

3) Rutherford

4) Electron Cloud

5) Thomson

6) Dalton

7) Relative Mass

8) Democritus

[A] Protons, neutrons, electrons

[B] a simplified way of visualizing an electron

[C] He determined the electron had a negative charge

[D] Believed the electrons were on the outside of the atom (Gold foil experiment)

[E] Believed that the atom had negative charged particles (Cathode ray tube)

[F] Believed that all elements were made up of hard small particles called atom

[G] Believed all matter is made up of small particles called atoms

[H] The average weight of an element

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    6-G or F


    For 6 i think they are i think F and G have the same meaning

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