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Should I tell my parents?

My boyfriend is a junior(16) in high school and I am a freshman(14). My parents forbid me from dating guys in 11th and 12th grade. He really loves me and i love him. If i tell my parents we are dating I will be grounded, I will loose my laptop, cell phone, and everything else i own. he says he doesn't want that to happen but he really loves me. They wont even let me go on a date with a freshman. Should I tell my parents and have them meet him or what. please help me.

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    Go the introduction's the honest thing to do. We were the same way with our daughter. Our reasoning was we wanted her to have her driver's license so she could legally take the wheel if the need warranted it. She dated an upper classman and he was totally cool with us dropping them off at the theatre, ball game, wherever. He was one of the popular kids, smart, athletic, but most of all respectful.

    As far as the boy is concerned you're either worth it or your not. Ask your parents if he can come over for a pizza night. You'll find out where you stand real quick....with your parents and the boy.

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    I think you should have him over or have your parents get to know him, and tell your parents hes JUST a friend..if your parents like him, you have a better chance with him cause they know who he is!

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    that's a hard call, coz they mite not want to meet him and you mite lose your freedom, or the mite respect your honesty.

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