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Verizon Cell phones..?

When you buy a phone from like Walmart or whatever then how do you get the verizon people to get it activated, i really want to do that so i can get the ENV 2.. please help =]


my mom is gonna do it, but im paying for it

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    once you get the cell phone (its has to be a verizon cell) because verizon can only activate verizon cell phones over the phone but lets just say you dont have verizon but you have a verizon phone, you can only use that phone if it has a sim card input in side your phone (usually where you batterys at) then you can un-block the verizon phone and slip in your sim card & it should work fine.

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    you have to be 18... if its prepaid you can be 6 years old and get the phone working lol...if you want the phone on a contract you deff have to be 18 and have some sort of credit...they do it all for you there...ive never been to wall mart so im not sure if its a real verizon store/dealer

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