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Are guys sensitive???!?

So i kinda joke around with this guy and like make fun of him and then he like is like wow ur so mean ans then ill b like sry and then he will b like whatever... and now he like doesnt talk 2 me and its so weird. i mean like i dont even care, hes sooo weird but like r most guys this sensitive, like wud u get mad if a girl was joking and was kind of teasing u on im????


the thing is like, i would tell him im just kidding. and like i wasnt even that mean, but like wen we talk now im like wassup and hes like nothing and then im like oh kool i have like 15 tests 2moro and then hes like oh and then signs off w.o saying bye.

Update 2:

yeah i say like a lot! whateverrrr... lol

but please just answer the question, dont just comment on how much i say like!!!!!!!

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    Most guys aren't that sensitive. Either that, or they don't show how sensitive they are. He obviously does. I joke around with this guy too. I always apologize. I think if you sincerely apoligize to him, he'll start talking to you again. If he doesn't, just ask him what's wrong and why he never talks to you and stuff and tell him you really want to fix the problem...that is, if you do want to.

    you mightve just hit his weak spot or something he doesn't like to be made fun of. You mightve also gone overrboard that depends on how much you teased him. maybe he didnt think you actually were joking either....there are many answers to the problem.

    but for your original question, most guys are not too sensitive and the ones who are usually don't show it much. If they do, you can tell :)

    hope this helpss!! ♥

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    If girls are consistent with teasing

    or if theyll bring up stuff

    Ill get pissed

    guys are sensitive once you reach a point

    like we can take insults for a while

    but if you do it everytime we see you

    we're gonna stop talking to you

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    well, not all the guy are sensitive. i love to joke with girls, make fun of them, make them laugh, but then later on i say that was a joke so they dont' rellay care, cause they knw i jking and they always tease me and joke with me, but i never get angry at them. lol but i am also sensitive :D

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    yea some like me are sensitive

    like joking around teasing isn't 2 bad but

    teasing w/o letting him know you are truly joking then yea he would then get mad

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    LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKE here is the deal. Guys have a breaking point...if you are being a *****, than you deserve anything you get. You went past the breaking point, I can already tell you that much. It would not matter if you were the cuttest girl in town, if YOU did that to me, I would avoid you too!

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    Texans have a saying, "Smile when you say that."

    The thing about IM's and texts is that it's hard to tell if you're serious or not. So if you're going to tease, use a smiley.


  • No, most ppl love it when someone makes fun of them.

    It's good to see that you've mastered social skills.

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    No i wouldn't get mad sometimes things are funny an we have to laugh at ourselves too

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    depends how much u teased him.. like if u go overboard then...

    ya he might get mad though not openly admit he's mad

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    maybe you really offended him because you teased something he was insecure about, but you didn't know he was so self conscious about it.

    who knows?

    why don't you ask him? or atleast say your sorry if it offended him.

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