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Are you hearing a lot of ANTI-OBAMA talk around your workplace?

I overheard the following conversation in the break room during lunch at my office yesterday:

A group of 4 whites/Anglos in their 60's were discussing the results of the election. One of them said:

"My granddaughter was talking about how people in her class were saying that there parents were going to move to Canada if Obama wins the election, because America won't be for whites anymore."

Another one of them said:

"Well, I heard some guy from one of those rap groups say if Obama didn't win, he was moving to Africa or something because it would be a fixed election. I don't know which one of those rap groups he's with, but one where they all look like a bunch of monkeys jumping up and down on the stage. But Obama won, so I guess they don't have to leave the country, they got their wish. Hope they are happy now."

I just chalked it up to day after the election shock for some people adjusting to our first non-white president. But I heard more things today that I perceived to be anti-Obama and a little on the racist side.

Tell me what you've been hearing around your office or where you work.


Quote: "The fear isn't race, the fear is not knowing which direction he plans on taking us."

Maybe for some, but for others I think it is race. Otherwise, why talk about rap groups and monkeys in the same sentence?

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    next time tell them to shut their filthy mouths, their racist, nuff said.

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    Around here it's not race, it's the fear of socialism, the stock market and even larger government. People realize that we've been heading in the wrong direction for a long time. Instead of going deeper, they want someone who will pull us out of it. Is Obama that man? Will he turn us into Socialists? Will he decrease or increase the size of government and government dependency?

    You tell me. The fear isn't race, the fear is not knowing which direction he plans on taking us.

    Edit: That's a question I can't answer. Perhaps you should direct that to the people who are doing it?

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    Well, all the drafters at my work have been all excited about Obama winning (some whites, one Asian guy). The principal I've talked to about it is not happy about it, as am I (we're both white).

    Just goes to show that those who don't strive to excel in their careers (ie, drafters - a high school kid could do their job) wanted the handouts and to "get back at the rich people", while the people running the companies realize how bad Obama will be for business.

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    I was in a gentleman's (for lack of a better word) house today working. One of my republican co-workers starting talking to me about Obama, and the homeowner immediately pipes in and says, "he's a socialist." He then proceeds to say he's a conservative, so I ask him, what's a conservative? He proceeds to hand me a newspaper article about Lincoln and says, that's a conservative. All I could think was, this is why you guys lost this election. You hold up this kind of stuff and then do the exact opposite. I wonder if it will ever dawn on most republicans that election after election they basically vote against their own best interests? How many of them actually make over two hundred fifty thousand a year?

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    Dan, Suth hit it pretty dead on. My son is 1/2 white, 1/2 black. Almost looks like Obama. Its not about race. Its going to be about his character.

    That being said, I pray and hope our country finds middle ground. Not all of us can be high dollar earners. But none the less, shouldn't we get health care without going bankrupt? I hope he can bring in balance.

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    I was hearing "Why did the Stock market crashed for 2 days after Obama was elected?"

  • Sophie
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    Probably has a lot to do with that vile racist church Obama was a member of for 20 years. Liberals don't understand hypocrisy.

    ::: -- "it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them" --

    Calling others bigots while practicing it yourself -- that's even more surprising. And he'll soon be our leader.

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    no, majority of the people that i work with wanted obama to win. i just got it shoved in my face that they won. but its okay :)

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    Maybe you should report them to the Black Panther hit squads

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