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What do you think of Universita Degli Studi Di Milano?

Is it a good university, is the main campus in a good area?

By the way i am 19, british student looking to study communications there as a student exchange in my second year, in the autumn 2009?

Could you just give me a rough guide, on what type of students might go there from milan and the social life in the area?



But is it a good uni in a good area?

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    The campus is in the very centre. I would recommend it. The exchange students who came here enjoyed it very much. The social life is great, there are so many nice places to go, for an aperitivo, bars, discos. It's a public university so you won't find students who only care about how you are dressed and make judgments based on it. On the other hand mostly fashion-conscious exchange students come to Milan, the capital of fashion.

    Definitely good are and good university in terms of educational offer in communication.

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    The UniMi is very good , one of the best in Europe (the Best in medicine 's faculty).

    You can see the area with "Google Maps Street View". However it is in a good area near from the centre. in Italy Berlusconi is doing a law that can increase the cost per year...but uni however is a very good school.

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    Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli is better than the Università Degli Studi di Milano. In partucular for the scientific matter.

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    I'm italian and i can tell u that in the USA and in UK there are the best university, so i think that is better for your future if u don't study italy we have a lot of problems with everything in the university and in this period is worse than ever, a lot of strike because of political decision...terrible moment to decide to study in italy...sorry...

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