Why do the teachers on FLVS say not to use periods in the name when saving files?

why do the teachers on flvs say not to use periods when saving files? They tell us to use underscores instead why??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Computers use periods to indicate that what will follow will be a file type indicator. For example, puppy.jpeg indicates that the file is a jpeg image file. That extension will be read by a computer and with the information in its registry it will then know what software to open when that file is double clicked in a file folder or on a desktop. Whatever you have set up to be your image viewer will open with that file showing. Other common extensions are .doc which is a word document file type, .pdf which indicates it is a pdf file, etc.

    So, if you put a period in your file you will confuse the computer because the file extension will not be one it can recognize.

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    1 decade ago

    When you save a file, it's saved in a certain format. For example, txt and doc files are files from Notepad and Microsoft Word.

    The way your computer reads the format and knows which program to use is by looking at what's called the file extension. If you have a file called 'Essay_3_for_English.doc' the computer will open Microsoft Word. Why? Because the file extension is .doc, so it's a Word file. If you have a file called 'Essay 3.For English.doc' your computer will think you have the file extension '.For English' which doesn't exist.

    So if you save a file with periods in the name, your file will be unreadable.

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