Is being naive a bad thing?

okay im 14 right now a freshmen and i met this junior in volleyball not so long ago. i became pretty good friends with her considering the short time i have known her. shes like an older sister to me because i don't have one. but anyway we always talk on aim. and it usually turns into a deep conversation about life and growing up. she has told me that i am very naive, gullible, and impulsive. and i didn't know what that meant at first so i ask what is naive? she explains it to me. and im wondering if im always going to be naive? is it a bad thing?

also one more thing.. since im only 14 im still trying to figure out who i am and stuff. and i have noticed by talking to my friend that i learned some stuff about myself and also she opened me up to new things. and those new things aren't really good things, shes told me that she smokes pot and that she like to be high and she said ill understand one day if i ever tried it. now her saying that makes me curious about it. is that normal to question yourself about something like that? i always told myself that i would never do drugs, drink alcohol, or smoke.. so why am i asking these questions? is it okay?

by the way, my friend is a very good friend, eventhough i am curious about pot because of her, its not like its her fault. she told me what she thought of it which is what made me curious. she told me that i have to make decide things for myself, and to stop listening to her so much. she told me one time that im basically going to turn into her because all i do is listen to her opinions on things, is that true? but she is a good friend and this isnt because of her.


she says i am naive because i always ask questions. and she told me im like a little kid. im 14 but i feel like im seeing things from a 10 year olds point of view. she is very mature and im not. she calls me her youngin. she says i have a lot to learn, and i just need to wait for things to happen. and everything will turn out fine. she is not calling me naive because i dont do what she dose, just because thats how u was when i first met her.

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    Hello there first of all i want to get this straight : is she saying that you are naive because you are not doing what shes doing ?

    Sorry but if that is naive then she is really immature to even think that !

    that just sounds like the guy who told me i was sooo innocent just because i didnt get his dirty sex joke ! hahahha common !

    By the looks of it , it seems that you are rather smart , because she needs all those drugs to keep her going , BUT YOU DONT ! and please hun dont fall for her advice it seems to me shes brainwashing you into being like her and drag you to your level thats how commercial works too , didnt you know that ? a cosmetic commercial will first trick you that theres something wrong with your face and that you are not pretty enough aka---theres something wrong with you , you are so naive ect , then this commercial will offer the solution to your problem : buy and be like the pretty model ---aka---be like me and you will be happier ---

    I know that shes not telling you to smoke everything but you guess what you are already curious and thats how addiction starts , i am in college and in my psychology class we cover all these issues , i say that shes a red alarm and if she doesnt stop talking and luring you into doing drugs then please for your own sake go away from her SLOWLY and look for help if things get too ugly in her life maybe all she needs its help, and remember you are not naive , you are STRONG!

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    being naive in the adolecent stage of your life is nither good nor bad it doesnt mater if you are naive because you have growing to do at the age of 14 its just like your friend said you have a lot to learn and its the same for us all in a sense we are all naive because thiers so much more to learn in this world. its as your friend proclaimed let things unravel and they will go right you will not be as you were but you may still learn other things keep an open mind ask questions were needed and you will be set on the proper path

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    Because you are young if you have your whole life ahead of you. Make the best of it by setting goals for yourself and work to achieve those goals.

    What do you want in life? To be happy? To be successful? To grow as a person and have good friends and family? Whatever your goals are using drugs like pot is not a positive way to achieve your goals.

    (some people will dispute this and point out how SO many successful people use drugs, but their success was achieved in spite of the drug use and not because of it)

    Drugs don't make things better, just harder.

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    Yes it is bad to be naive because it takes you away from being yourself and making your own decisions, plus it can get you into a lot of trouble with people in the future. You also must never do something or try to be someone else because of the things they tell you. That shows a big lack of self confidence and it makes you look weak. People take advantage of naive people because they can get them to believe anything. So try to break this naive trait you have.

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