Does he still like me?! What do I do?

Ok so about 1 month ago i broke up with my boyfriend. We were like a cute summer love thing and he thought we should see other people. We really loved each other but something went wrong. So soon after, he started going out with this girl and i got somewhat jealous but broke it off. We also like stopped talking. I sent a mean text but then we were cool again. Now he has another girlfriend and is always putting up how he loves girls and he is flirting with all these girls and i feel so hurt. I really want to get over him but i don't know how. I just started talking to him like one hour ago just to say hi and whats up. He never talks to me anymore, but right after i talked to him he changed his states to gurl lover or something. Is it me or is it just all those girls that he has been talking to? He also has things like, Learning girls 101 at my school, and grateful. What does this mean??????



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    Cut off all contact with him. That's the only way to start getting over him.

    Engage in activities that you enjoy, preferably with a high male to female ratio. This allows you to meet new guys in a non-threatening manner.

    When you find someone new that you are attracted to this other guy will become a distant memory.

  • 4 years ago

    Sounds like you recognize the reply, he is simply acquired a few developing as much as do. This is definately what you do not desire to listen to, however I do the equal factor typically, however most effective with women I do not recognize, I would possibly like 'em, however the recognize is what is major.

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