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A question about Manuel cars?

Am soon turning 16 and will beginning to learn how drive. I have my eyes on a BMW 128i coupe but the only problem is that its a Manual

car. I only been in auto cars so I don't know much about Manual cars. The only things I know about Manual cars is that you hold down the clutch when starting and switching gears. So I guess my question is how do Manual cars work? And is it true that every time you wanna stop the car you have to hold down the clutch , switch the gear to neutral then press the breaks?

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    First of all it's called a manual shift car. The only way you can learn is to go out and actually drive one with someone who knows what they are doing. You may burn up a few clutches but once you learn, you appreciate the performance and control it gives you. And to stop, you push in the clutch and downshift and release the clutch matching the speed to the gear. When you almost to a complete stop then press the clutch and hold down while applying the brakes (<---note the correct spelling of brakes). ALWAYS hold the gear in neutral until you are ready to go because if you relax your foot while in gear then the car may jerk forward into the rear of the car in front.

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    That BMW, like most cars out there, come in both automatic and manual.

    To drive a manual.

    Push clutch down to start car.

    Push clutch down to switch to 1st gear.


    To get the car moving, you need to give the car some gas. Maybe around 1000rpm on the tachometer next to the speedometer.

    As you give it that much gas, slowly let go of the clutch and the car will start to move.

    When you completely let go, accelerate, switch to the next gear at 3000-4000rpm, or when the engine gets loud.

    To switch to the next gear, hit the clutch, and again, push the gas pedal down while you let go of the clutch to accelerate even more.

    With automatic, it changes the gears for you.

    To stop the car, You can step on the clutch to switch to neutral, then let go of the clutch and hit the brakes.

    If you stop the car or drive very slow while you are in any gear and not stepping on the clutch, the car will turn off.

    When I say drive slow, I mean under 5mph(8km/h)

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    I think learning to drive a stick shift is really important. I bought my 1st car b/c it was a manual transmission and I wanted to make myself learn. You will get it all down and it becomes second nature, and yes you have to push in the clutch when you stop, you can choose to switch to neutral or put the car in 1st gear. I wore out my clutch though so leaving it in neutral when stopping might be best.

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    Keep dreamin bud. get a good beginer car....old homda, toyota, chevy...ect. ur first car usually ends up gettin trashed by friends an ur inexperience driving. bmw is NOT a gond beginner car

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    the clutch separate the eng RPM with the Tranny RPM. and make possible the shifting and braking.

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